A Pause In Happy Mouth Conversation

Hello blog readers!

A little update! As many of you know, my extremely talented boyfriend, Chris has been cast in the Las Vegas production of Jersey Boys. So in our efforts to stay happily together and to also feed our mutual love of adventure, we are packing up our New York apt and heading west for a year.

As I’ve never been much of a desert girl, I will be spending my time mostly home in Los Angeles, with weekends in Las Vegas. SO! What does this mean for all of you? It means come September, most of my restaurant blog entries will be focused on West Coast Fare! I am very excited to write about some more amazing SoCal Cuisine and Decadent Las Vegas Eats!

Until that time, I am focusing on packing and getting things sold and shipped, so there will be a slight pause in our blog entries during the month of August. With that being said, I’m not leaving the East Coast until September 1st, so in the mean time, while we won’t be posting weekly, keep an eye out for our third Summer getaway feature, and more of Digest The News!

Not to mention, Geoffrey Kidwell, Logan Yost, and Emma Rosenthal will have our NYC bases covered while I’m away!

thank you so much for your support and Happy Eating!


Erin Shaw

OH! PS. We said goodbye to Jyll with a heavy heart on last week’s NEXT FOOD NETWORK STAR! I am now rooting whole heartedly for Jeff The Sandwich King Marrow!

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