Choose Your Own Adventure Meal

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Here is a special romantic dinner feature for all you lovers out there.

I was recently whisked away to a romantic dinner at an undisclosed location. It was dark, I had no idea where we were going, and I was wearing heels.

Here’s how it went down:

8:00pm – He parks the car in a dark parking lot on PCH in Newport Coast, CA.

8:01pm – I ask where the restaurant is. He says I’ll see.

8:03pm – He leads me through the parking lot towards a dimly lit pathway.

8:05pm – I’m thinking, “Is he going to kill me?”

8:06pm – We walk down a hill. It drops about 10 degrees.

8:08pm – “Where are we going?” I ask again

8:09pm – “You’ll see.” He says.

8:10pm – Still thinking he might kill me.

8:15pm – We walk through a tunnel.

On the other side we enter a tiny lit up beach village in Crystal Cove – I decide he’s probably not going to kill me – and around the corner is the most darling restaurant I’ve ever seen. Surprise! The Beachcomber Cafe

We walk in and the patio is covered in a tent (for the winter.) and there is 40’s music playing and candles on every table.

Click on the video link to hear what it sounded like when I walked in. 

The sounds of the waves crashing was the perfect ambiance topper. It was hopelessly romantic. The staff was all wonderful and even provided blankets to place over your lap -It is winter after all. Unfortunately because I worked late that day, we missed the sunset, so I’ll just simply have to go back some day.

I’ll post some photos below of the restaurant during the day light hours to inspire you to make a visit. You can read about the history of Crystal Cove here.

As far as food goes, I had the perfect dirty martini paired with their Red Wine Braised Kobe Short Ribs served with wild mushrooms, walnut and gorgonzola filled ravioli, and merlot-thyme jus. Absolutely DIVINE!

I cannot recommend this place highly enough. It was one of the most romantic dinner adventures I’ve ever had. And never fear, while the cove is too small to allow for parking, they do offer a shuttle from the PCH parking lot. Although walking was pretty interesting. ;)

Share your favorite beach front finds in the comment section below!

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