Food Trucks: LA Style!

Yesterday on our Facebook page, we posted a great article form NPR’s The Salt. The article discussed how, with limited legal parking spots in cities across America, food truck owners are turning to catering private events such as weddings to make money.

I thought this was ironic because I knew today I’d be headed to a business lunch over at a South Weddington Park (near Universal Studios) which is littered with food trucks during lunch hour, from 12-2pm. I decided it was time for an LA Food Truck article to follow up our NYC Food Truck article from last year. I went a little early to chat with some of the vendors and get a taste for how these babies roll in LA!

The first truck I visited was the Go Chew truck. I chatted with Charles, who runs the truck single handedly and makes creations based on his travels all over Europe and Asian. Today he was creating Asian inspired tacos and salad bowls, in place of his usual rice bowls. A heart healthy, low carb alternative, he made me a bowl with delicious braised Asian pork atop greens, fresh pickled cucumbers with Korean seaweed. It was fresh and delicious! I was very impressed with the flavors he achieved and served in such a short time. I would definitely recommend this truck to anyone who takes an interest in Asian Fusion food! Not to mention he was an extremely good natured and hard working guy, who took a few moments away from his busy lunch schedule to chat with me all about his experiences. Well done! and good luck, Charles! :) Check out his Twitter to see where he’ll be rolling to this week!

The second truck I visited was Get Toasted. There I chatted with truck operators John and Manny. They were very friendly and excited to tell me all about their truck and experiences. I immediately loved the concept of a truck that sells only toasted sandwiches. They did not disappoint.

The menu at Get Toasted runs the gamut of toasted sandwiches from Grilled Cheese and PB&J to a sumptuous pork sandwich called a Lechón. (Imagine the delicious offspring of a Báhn mì and a Carnitas sandwich). The Lechón is composed of Pulled Pork, their special Get Toasted BBQ sauce, pickled red onion, carrots, cucumber, radish, and cilantro.

John suggested I try it and I was so pleasantly surprised by how tasty, juicy and satisfying this sandwich was. And can I say I loved the touch that each sandwich is imprinted with the name of the truck?! Awesome touch, guys! Their take on Asian meets Spanish sandwich cuisine was refreshing and well executed! I will certainly be back! Check their Twitter to see where they are each week.

Finally, I ended my day at the Asian Cravings truck. I swear it was not my intention to solely try the Asian inspired trucks, I just happened to land there ;). I chose Asian Cravings because their menu boasted dumplings and one of my all time favorite trucks featured in my first NYC Food Truck article, was the Rickshaw Dumpling Truck (which is still very near and dear to my heart.)

I was very excited to try Asian Cravings’ take on dumplings. Lynn and James were so sweet and let me sample their Crispy Pork & Shrimp Potstickers with Curry Aioli & Sweet Soy Reduction. Mmmm…  The first thing I noticed was the Curry Aioli which was something I’ve never had before. It was exquisite! The second thing I tasted was the perfectly crisp wrapper followed by the sumptuous, juicy pork/shrimp filling. All fresh and homemade. Watch out Rickshaw! You have some West Coast competition! Follow them on Twitter to check out these tasty morsels and more!

Other trucks I did not get to try but looked intriguing were:

Gypsy Toast Truck and the Luck Dish Curry Truck.

It’s wonderful to know that Food Trucks are alive and kicking on the West Coast. I hope that all my readers will check these trucks out, try their food and support small business owners! These folks are doing a tremendous job pumping out delicious, reasonably priced eats and they were all so gracious and kind to me. I really had a wonderful time over there!

Who knows, you might even find one of these trucks at my wedding someday! ;)

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