Vegan Tuesdays: The Well-Fed Vegan

I understand there is this common misconception that just because someone is vegan, they only like to eat salad. Well, let me be the first to tell you that as much as I love lettuce and spinach, they are usually the LAST things I want to eat when deciding what to have for a meal. Don’t get me wrong… I love fresh, well made salads, but I don’t eat salads everyday and I most definitely don’t have them for a meal unless they are loaded with a plant-based protein, a healthy fat and a nice tasting vinaigrette of some sort.

What I’ve found in my many years of traveling from state to state is that being vegan is a foreign concept to most people. Telling someone you don’t eat meat, dairy, eggs, fish, butter, etc. is unimaginable to most. “Well what CAN you eat then, beans?” Yes, yes I can eat beans and you can too, but I probably don’t eat them as much as you think I do. The point I’m trying to make is that just because people are vegan doesn’t mean we don’t like to eat or eat well. Trust me… we love food.  Of course there are the unhealthy vegans who eat potato chips and loaves of bread all day but I don’t associate myself with them.

Any who! Being back in Los Angeles has been a great experience so far and I’ve already discovered some new vegan places that are sure to get some great reviews from me over the summer. The first place I want to suggest to anyone who lives in LA is Native Foods.

There are several locations (Palm Springs, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach and Westwood to name a few) but my fave is in Culver City. If you want to know what  REAL vegans eat, eat here. You will love it,devour it, then be mad at yourself for eating it too fast because that whole time you could have been savoring what is quite arguably some of the best vegan food you will ever taste. All of their food is made in-house. It’s fresh, 100% vegan and so delicious it makes you want to kiss the chef. A plant has never tasted so good! My husband recently discovered their BBQ Chicken Burger and I must say it’s definitely a man’s vegan meal. My personal recommendations are the Soul Bowl or Classic Deli Reuben.

Well that’s it for today! Below you will find a vegan meme that was shown to me by my good friend Jackson James (He is also a singer…but the furthest away from being a vegan that a human can possibly get). Until next time folks…

Stay Happy, Healthy and Go Vegan!

-Malynda Hale

Singer/Songwriter/Vegan Extraordinaire

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