How Badly Do You Want That Dog?

Happy Friday! Since the weekend is nigh, I thought it might be fun to share a food-infused laugh with you all.

In honor of our Chicago readers, I decided to share this hilarious video that gives a nod to a famous foul-mouthed  hotdog stand called The Weiner’s Circle 2622 North Clark Street  Chicago, IL 60614

If you’ve never heard of this joint, let me be the first to inform you that your hotdog comes with a side of sass. The gag is that the staff yell and badger the customers and the customers yell and badger them back. Picture the Dick’s Last Resort of hotdog stands. Not for the faint of heart, super conservative, or under 13!  and who better to showcase just how chuckle-worthy this kind of insult spewing staple can be, than Mr. Conan O’Brien and Triumph – the insult comic dog. LOL! Enjoy! *Video may not be appropriate or readers under 13.

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