Not Your Typical Vegas Bar

As most of my readers know, my man Chris is currently working in Jersey Boys in Las Vegas. His living there has given me the unique opportunity to explore Sin City in a whole new way.

When most people visit Las Vegas, they go to the big hotel casinos and clubs but rarely does one consider leaving the safety zone of The Strip. I have really enjoyed exploring some of the lesser blazed trails of this city and one of my favorite random finds is a retro-rad tiki lounge called Frankie’s Tiki Room 1712 West Charleston Boulevard  Las Vegas, NV 89102

Frankie’s is straight out of a 1950’s beach bunny flick. The decor is fabulous; complete with full tiki garb like glowing blowfish lamps, fish net canopies and bamboo hut tables. The walls are lined with TV’s playing old mid century surf videos, and wave-riding classics like Dick Dale’s Misirlou and The Lively One’s Surfrider fill the room with their totally tubular melodies. Sounds like Pulp Fiction in there ;)

Frankie’s offers a huge menu selection of classic, hand-crafted tiki cocktails that are curiously strong and won’t deflate your wallet too much. Because it’s Vegas, buyer beware, people can smoke inside, but only because they don’t serve food. My favorite cocktail is the Kahiki Kai which is a blend of pineapple juice, coconut rum, banana liqueur and Bacardi 151. Crisp, refreshing and will fill you up with the warm rum fuzzies! Enjoy!

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