Congratulations Justin Warner!

Last night, Food Network crowned it’s newest star!

Justin Warner – the Rebel with a Culinary Cause, will star in his own TV series this Fall, produced by his mentor, Alton Brown.  Justin was my favorite from the very beginning and I was with him whole-heartedly until the end. Why do we like Justin? Because he’s a kid who embraces being different and wanting to elevate the culinary arts to a new level. That’s something I can sure respect. I know I’ll be watching Rebel every week!

The Los Angeles Times has written such a fine recap that I won’t even try to replicate the story in my own words. I will only second their sentiment and say that I too, got choked up watching last night. ;)

We would like to recommend that all of our New York readers take the A train over to Bed-Stuy and try his famous Foie Gras Donut at his restaurant Do Or Dine.

Congratulations again Mr. Warner! We look forward to all you will continue to bring to the world of foodies!

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