Famous NYC Eats: Blockheads

I’m not actually sure if Blockheads is famous to tourists. But to New Yorkers: it’s pretty good Mexican food.

I should give you fair warning that I was born and raised in Arizona so I know a thing or two about Mexican food. Blockheads isn’t it. However, they aren’t going for Mexican-Mexican food.

Blockheads serves very *very* large portions of San Fransisco-style Mexican food. They offer vegan and vegetarian options, as well as healthy options, such as wheat tortillas and brown rice.

First off, Blockheads’ salsa is not worth it.

But the guacamole is incredible. It has the right amount of salt and there’s a mushy to chunky ratio that is somehow perfected.

The nachos are so-so. There needs to be better cheese distribution and more spice (Mexican food should have a little kick!). But obviously they are plentiful with the guacamole portion, so that makes up for the former problems. A little.

The chicken quesadilla is delightful. They even put rice in it, which is a fun little surprise.

I wish we had ordered a burrito just so you could see the size of the thing. Perhaps this is better. Now you will just have to find out for yourself.

I have to confess, I’m very surprised that these photos are not blurry (these are the only semi-decent ones). Why, you ask? Well, Blockheads has $4 frozen margaritas, $7 grande frozen margaritas, $1 extra to add a flavor.

My dear friends, I had two grande mango margaritas. They were delicious, but deadly.


Salsa: Quite disappointing.
Food: Ranges from boring to “Holy guacamole, Batman!”
Margaritas: Drink with caution.

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