Where Are You Eating This Weekend? – BBQ

Are you a Vegetarian? If so, you might want to quit reading this post now, because it’s all about the meat! We’re coming at you with our four favorite places for you to eat some earth-shattering, mind-blowing, food coma-inducing BBQ. Plus a very special recipe to make your own finger-licking-good ribs at home.

What’s the difference between BBQing and Grilling? Author, Troy Black of the Big Book of BBQ defines the differences as such.

BBQ: Long, low, and slow. The low temperature and the resulting length of time the meat is cooked allows for the food to soak up the smoke and rub flavors, and to become very tender and moist. Think ribs, pork shoulder, and brisket as barbecue.

Grilling: This is the method with which most people are familiar. It is the method of cooking food hot and fast on your grill. Burgers, chicken, steak, and seafood are typically grilled, but you can also grill vegetables and even fruit.

So now that you know the difference, let’s continue making you an expert. Allow us, if you will, to start with the BBQ capitol of the world…

Kansas City:

Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ is maybe the most unique BBQ joint you could ever visit. Why? Because it’s off the back of a gas station. Don’t be fooled by it’s humble location. This little joint has big flavor and big trophies to prove it. OK Joe’s is Zagat rated and was featured on Anthony Bourdain’s list of 13 places to eat before you die. The multi-award winning house specialty in ribs, (both pork and beef) and their half rack is served a top a bed of Texas Toast with pickles to garnish. No need for fancy place settings; there’s a roll of paper towels on each table. If ribs don’t strike your fancy, treat yourself to their succulent Pulled Pork Sandwich, or out-of-this-world Burnt Ends. Added bonus: you can fill up your car while you’re digesting. ;)

Oklahoma Joe’s Ribs

New York City:

Fette Sau (Brooklyn) is touted as the best BBQ in NYC. Fette Sau means “fat pig” in German slang, and their BBQ is lovingly served with German potato salad, sauerkraut and pickles. Fette Sau uses only organic or family farmed heritage meats. Because they make smaller meat purchases, they cannot guarantee an endless supply of all the different cuts. For this reason the menu changes often. Not only is the food great, but this place is known for their selection of Whiskeys.

Fette Sau’s Sampler + Sides


Redbones BBQ is a funky little joint in Davis Square – an adorable area in the Sommerville neighborhood of Boston. Redbones is in the basement level of their building so it’s got a bit of a dark tavern feel to it. They recently won the Phoenix Best of 2012 Award for Barbecue, so you can be sure they mean business. Their pulled pork sandwich is to die for and their hush puppies are yum to the max. They offer 24 fresh brews on tap and even host Brew Fests on site. Next time you’re in bean town, hop on the T to Davis Sq. and give this place a try!

Redbone’s Pulled Pork Sandwich

Los Angeles:

Smoke City Market does not pretend to be anything other than what it is – Texas Style BBQ. Renowned food critic Jonathan Gold described Smoke City eloquently when he said “this is Texas barbecue and nothing but Texas barbecue: thick slices of brisket, salty and fatty, cooked long and slow with the heat from smoldering oak, then sliced and served au natural.”  We could not agree more! Texans will tell you that if your meats are properly seasoned, they don’t need to be sauced. If you must, keep it on the side. The best kind of Texas BBQ, in this girl’s opinion, is none other than sliced beef brisket. Give me a few slices moist (which means with fat) and I will be your best friend. Smoke City does it right! If you are in the LA area, head on over to Sherman Oaks and give it a try. You can thank us later. ;)

Smoke City Market’s Texas-style Brisket

If you don’t live close enough to try one of these great places, never fear! – we have you covered! We are providing you with Bon Appetit‘s incredible recipe for “Best Ever Barbecued Ribs.” They have been Happy Mouth tested and Happy Mouth approved. Don’t forget the napkins!

Bon Appetit‘s Best Ever Barbecued Ribs

What is your favorite place to eat BBQ? We admittedly left out Dallas, Memphis and the Carolina’s. We are open to your great suggestions! :)

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