Famous NYC Eats: Junior’s

Junior’s is tucked in the middle of Times Square. There is a very large indoor dining area and, for mid-town, a decent-sized outdoor seating.

Junior’s first opened in Brooklyn in the 1950’s, claiming to have the greatest cheesecake in the world. Today, it offers a full menu in four different location.

Be sure to start off with the side dish of Macaroni & Cheese. Despite it coming in a hot ceramic skillet, the cheese is distributed to all parts of the pasta.

Junior’s has a wide range of beverages. Sodas, wine, beer, lemonade, hard liquor. But who can pass up Cream Soda??

The “real” food isn’t worth it, in my opinion. I had a Turkey Reuben, which had dry turkey and was sparse on the Cole slaw and dressing. The dipping sauce was its only saving grace.

Let’s talk about their cheesecake. Holy. Moly. I guess that’s all there really is to say. My dining companion and I split the Chocolate Mouse Cheesecake. Holy. Moly. I almost had to be rolled out of the restaurant because we just couldn’t NOT finish it!


Real food: Not worth the Times Square crowds.
Cheesecake: Worth a trip to Hell and back.
Katie Grimmer is currently working towards her master’s in Magazine Writing at New York University. You can follow her Twitter and feed her Hungry Goat.

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