Foodie Kid

I’m going to break the mold today and talk candidly, not just about what I’ve been eating, but about how I came to be me.

This past weekend I helped my mom move into a beautiful new condo in San Diego. While we were moving her, we emptied her storage unit, that contained a few of my own childhood boxes. One of the boxes contained my childhood doll and all of her accessories and furnishings.

This is Pippin.  She’s a handmade doll, purchased for me at auction at the Waldorf School’s Elves Faire for a whopping $75. I’ve had her for about twenty years and she looks pretty good for an old girl huh?

I was a very imaginative child and my favorite game when I was young was to play apartment with Pippin. She had a bed, a rocking chair, a selection of cute little outfits, an art easel, a hanging clock (which was a tiny Christmas ornament) and an elevator I made out of an empty Kleenex box and some string.

Pippin drove a cardboard car that had actually been the vessel for my Ruby’s Diner kid’s meal and had a boyfriend played by my brother’s Where The Wild Things Are  Max doll. (An odd couple I realize, but I rooted for them all the same.) I played with them for hours, all the while dreaming of the day when I’d have my very own apartment and my very own “Max” who’d come over for dinner. I made most of her food out of clay. She had kid favorites such as pizza, a hot dog, a hamburger, and ice cream sundaes, but also sensible food options like steak, baked potatoes and a green salad.

Most days when I played with Pippin and Max, he’d come over to her apartment (in one of our other Ruby’s Diner cardboard cars,) travel up the lift, and Pippin would have prepared a huge spread for him. I can’t imagine how this has translated to my real life. ;)

I thought the little spread of clay food was so adorable, I decided to share. If you have children, I hope you will encourage them to play make believe and use their imaginations instead of sitting in front of screens, game systems and tablets. If you don’t have children, I hope that you will take a minute to give your inner kid a mental hug and celebrate those precious moments when hope sprung alive and the future looked bright!

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