Famous NYC Eats: Shake Shack

The West Coast has In-N-Out Burger. The East Coast has Shake Shack. It is the constant coastal feud. So which one is better?

Shake Shack started out as a hot dog stand, just as all good restaurants do. Then in 2004 it got its own building and it’s been expanding ever since. It is now in five different states and has now grown internationally. On any given day there will be a half-hour to hour long line at lunch and dinner time just to get a taste of the perfectly proportioned Shackburger with a side of fried and a delicious draught root beer. Or maybe they’re standing in line for the Shack-cago (hot) Dog or frozen custard or a hand-spun shake.

I’m going to put this out there: Shake Shack’s patties (the actual meat on the burger) are better than In-N-Out’s. As are their fries (but who really goes to In-N-Out for the fries, is the real question?). But before I am disowned from the West Coast for all eternity, let me say that their burgers are better. The dressing, the onions, animal-style. You can’t top that taste.
And please, don’t even get me started on the shakes. In-N-Out for the win, for sure.

The Shake Burger.

What is your favorite burger East or West coast?

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