On The Sunny Side of the Street

By Erin Shaw

Dwellers of Venice Beach! Come hither!

Have you been to Sunny Spot? You may remember it as Beechwood, but when they closed down last year, they were reborn a more vibrant and hip local spot that is worth your time.

Sunny Spot is what I’d describe as Cuban/Caribbean fusion food. They have taken classic Caribbean style dishes and put an elegant California-Fresh twist on them. Set to a fun and funky, shabby chic-clad interior, neighboring residents are pleased with the changes.

If you are a fan of Caribbean-style food, then welcome to your new paradise. Your favorite fried plantains are now Fried Sweet and Salty Plantains and beloved, yummy yucca fries are now Yucca Fries with Banana Thai Basil Ketchup. Their spin on a traditional Cuban sandwich has been elevated to a Cuban Torta made with pork terrine, prosciutto, pickled jalapeño and provolone cheese. The hamachi appetizer is also divine.

As for libations? Sunny Spot has a whole list of unique, hand-crafted cocktails that will put a little spring in your step. Their Death in The DR cocktail made with Domincan rum, lime, honey, absinthe and champagne is enough to get you booking your next Caribbean vacation and their Bridgetown Swizzle is a unique take on one of my favorite Bermudian drinks.

Sunny Spot is open for Lunch, Happy Hour, Dinner and Sunday Brunch. Visit their website for more details!

*Photos courtesy of Sunny Spot’s website. 

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