About The Happy Mouth


The Happy Mouth is a burgeoning food blog/publication created by Erin Shaw and composed of several authors in their 20’s hailing from different cities across the US and in the UK. We currently have contributions from Los Angeles, New York City, New Orleans, Chicago, Dallas and London. We write about what we like to eat, where you can get it, or how to make it.

Our name “The Happy Mouth” comes from the English translation of the French word “amuse-bouche” which is a bite sized hors d’oeuvres that entices the palate in anticipation for the meal that’s to come.  Amuse-bouche translates literally to “mouth amuser”, or “happy mouth”. We hope that our blog will serve as a literary amuse-bouche to entice our readers to go out and find or cook their next great meal! – Bon Appetit!

Editor In Chief  – Erin Shaw

906367Erin is a writer who has a passion for food and travel. Originally from Los Angeles, Erin started cooking in high school and has been having a love affair with food ever since. She began food writing while living in NYC after college and has written for such notable publications as LA Confidential Magazine, DailyCandy, FATHOMaway, and Quarterly Magazine. Erin recently published her debut novel, Party Girl – A Modern Fairy Tale. Erin now lives in New Orleans where she continues to write, teach and eat happily. She also runs a lot at the gym.


Managing Editor – Daryl Manese


Starting at a young age, Daryl became quite comfortable in the kitchen, being able to “dismantle every pot, pan and lid in less than a minute” according to his mother. Though not quite as messy, Daryl still enjoys the pleasures of cooking and baking. He is always in search of new ingredients and interesting flavors. Daryl is the Co-Founder of Happily Ever After Confectionary and a happy Vegan. He was recently featured on The Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. Daryl lives in Los Angeles.